There will be a list of available ring sizes on a product's page for you to choose from. They will be listed by the generic size (e.g. M for Medium), US sizes (e.g. Size 7) followed by the diameter of the ring in millimetres (e.g. 17.5mm). You can also use our size chart for reference and conversion below.

Generic Size mm US UK
XXS 15 4 H - L
XS 15.75 5 J - K
S 16.5 6 L - M
M 17.5 7 N - O
L 18 8 P - Q
XL 19 9 R - S

Approximate sizes

Click Here to see a size chart that can be used to compare sizes around the world.




The chain length of each of our necklaces vary for each product. Some of our necklace chains are adjustable however please see the description of a product to see the exact chain length.



All of our bracelets are adjustable to fit the sizes of most wrists. However if you are unsure on whether a bracelet will fit you, its measurements are noted in the description of the product if you want to measure your own wrist to compare.


Need More Help?

If you require more assistance regarding sizing don't hesitate to contact us at and we can answer any questions you have!