Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel is coated in a layer of 18K gold. It is coated using an advanced high-power magnetron process which produces a spectacular lustre and ensures the coating will never fade or tarnish. It is waterproof and sweatproof so wear them wherever, whenever.


Our gold rings and earrings are crafted from sterling silver and encased in a layer of 18K gold. By using a sterling silver base metal this greatly reduces any chance of allergies/reactions and ensures an authentic golden shine.

Cheaper gold plated rings typically use a brass base metal. Although more cost effective it is very common to then react to the high copper content which can leave green marks.


Our silver rings and earrings are crafted from sterling silver and plated in a layer of rhodium.

Rhodium is a lustrous metal even rarer than gold or silver. It is highly reflective to produce a high level of shine. It also acts as an anti-tarnish as it is resistant to wear, corrosion and oxidation. So enjoy no more dull pieces that constantly need shining!


To reflect our confidence in our construction of our jewellery we have a 2 year warranty for all our products.

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