Find your ring size:

Measure the centre inside diameter of a ring you own (shown in the diagram below).
Use this measurement to find your ring size using the ring size chart below.


Size Chart

Diameter (mm) Generic US EU
15 XXS 4 47
15.75 XS 5 49
16.5 S 6 52
17.5 M 7 54
18 L 8 57
19 XL 9 60


What if I don't have any rings?

If you don't own a ring that fits you there is an alternative way to determine your size from home:

    • Cut out a strip of paper or a piece of string to wrap around your finger.
    • Use a pen to mark where the end of the paper/string meets.
    • Use a ruler to measure the paper/string in mm then refer to the EU column in the size chart above to find your closest size match.
For a ring with a larger band you would likely need to be generous with your measurement to accommodate it fitting past your knuckle.

Still not sure on your size?

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Most of our necklaces are adjustable from 16" to 18". We're all different sizes so one set size won't have the same fit for everyone! This flexibility in sizing also allows for a variety of styling options.
A 16" necklace falls around the base of the neck. On a petite woman it may hang near the collarbone. On a plus sized woman it may sit more like a choker.
An 18" necklace is the most common necklace length for women that typically sits at the collarbone.


Many of our bracelets are adjustable to fit the sizes of most wrists.
As a 7" bracelet is the most common size for women we also offer set sized bracelets in this size to keep our designs simple and clean. 
However if you are unsure on whether a bracelet will fit you, its measurements are always noted in the description. This allows you to measure your own wrist to compare.

Need More Help?

If you require more assistance regarding sizing don't hesitate to contact us and we can answer any questions you have!